When arrested with DUI or DWI, one of the most common questions is, “How long before a DUI charge can be off my record?” Honestly speaking, most (if not all) of us want our past behind us. We all don’t want to be remembered as the drunk driver in Highway 56 or the one convicted for 3 years of jail time because of a DUI or DWI offense. This is a thing of the past, and we want that horrific event completely wiped off of our memory, and most importantly, off our legal records.


How long before a DUI charge be off my record?

Unfortunately for the driver, a DUI or DWI conviction will stay forever. There is no way to expunge a Maryland DUI or DWI conviction. This would mean that these records would be accessible for any law enforcers to see. The records can be a stain in the driver’s legal and public records whenever an employer would like to dig through and do a background check.

However, though these records remain, but it will not be counted against the driver once the original offense have been committed more than five years ago, or when a probation before judgment is the result of a plea bargain by an expert DUI lawyer.


How about the points charged against the my license?

The points charged against a person after a DUI or DWI offense that had your license suspended or revoked in Maryland will also remain on record, but will not be considered valid if the charge is more than 3 years old. This can hurt the driver especially when renewing insurance premiums. They could charge higher premiums when insurance companies find out about these charges. It is best that you talk to a competent DUI lawyer to walk you through the possible legal consequences and how to make it easier for you during this arduous circumstance.