DUI in Maryland with Out of State License


When in Maryland, whether you are on a leisure time with family, simply visiting relatives and friends or just passing through, the last thing you would want to happen is getting pulled over and arrested for DUI. Maryland DUI laws with an Out of State License are being strictly implemented and you could be facing a number of possible legal sanctions from suspension of your driver’s license to probable jail time. Please keep in mind that just because you live out of state does not mean you are not subject to sanctions from the DUI laws implemented in this state.


Maryland DUI Laws Out of State License: The Legal Process

It is imperative that you understand basically, the police officer may not force you to submit to a breath alcohol concentration (BAC) test. The only time that BAC test is mandatory is when you get involved in an accident causing serious physical injuries or death. Seeking for legal help as soon as possible is pertinent. Consult with an experienced attorney on DUI laws and sanctions if you don’t know what to do when arrested for DUI in Maryland with an out of state license.

When charged with DUI in Maryland with an out of state license, there will be case filed and a scheduled hearingĀ  to further look into the evidences presented to determine the driver’s guilt or innocence. Maryland DUI laws with an out of state license obliges someone to come to Maryland for court, since the violation was done here. This could be a long tedious process of coming in to court until a final decision is made and create unwanted and unnecessary personal and professional adversity.


Maryland DUI Laws Out of State License: The Possible Legal Sanctions

With all states having access to a nationwide database on DUI cases, there is a very minimal chance of not getting your driving privileges affected unless you take quick action. In fact, you have to take DUI in Maryland with an Out of State license seriously. Maryland is one of the group of states that strictly follows the rule of the Driver License Agreement (DLA) to report and share out-of-state traffic violations to the home state. The purpose of this agreement is to prevent people from simply going in an out of state borders with a suspended or revoked license.

Although every state has its own different rules of implementation, but in general, this could result to getting your driver’s license suspended in your home state or prevent you from renewing your license not just in Maryland but also in the state where you live. You could also be mandated to finish an Alcohol/Drug Treatment Program, possible fines depending on the extent, either you are driving with a Minor or the number of times you have been arrested for DUI, and furthermore, submitted to an Ignition Interlock Device Program. These are possible legal implications that the courts will decide if you get arrested for DUI in Maryland with an Out of State License.