DUI (or driving under the influence) is a traffic violation involving a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of 0.08 at the time you got pulled over by a police officer. Getting arrested for DUI is not to be taken lightly as a DUI in Maryland will vehemently incur stiff fines and penalties especially if the infraction is a repeated offense. Although prosecutors can be considerably lenient at times for a first-time DUI—as mistakes do happen—for a second or third DUI, you could be in an awful lot of trouble and could be facing lengthy jail time if you do not call an expert DUI lawyer right away.


Third DUI in Maryland

            Being arrested for DUI in Maryland is a stressful way to spend the weekend, particularly it’s your third. Dealing with unrelenting law enforcement, emotionally coping with what’s going to happen next and trying to get ahead of yourself as you face the legal consequences for getting another DUI offense. DUI laws have been strictly and forcefully implemented in Maryland, and they are not necessarily kind to any subsequent offense.


Third DUI and possible penalties

For a third DUI, you will most likely be facing 3 years imprisonment, a fine of not more than $3,000 and an administrative 12-point mark against your driver’s license, which could lead to suspension, revocation or restriction of your driving privileges. Not serving jail time after a third DUI is considerably slim, considering that it is a repeated offense, but an expert Maryland DUI lawyer could help mitigate possible convictions. This is a life-changing situation and could likely affect your day-to-day routine. A long tedious legal battle could ensue, so it’s best that you have the best DUI lawyer in town at your defense.

In addition, you could also be facing high insurance premium rates and a repeated DUI offense in Maryland will not go well on public record, especially when you are job hunting. Furthermore, you could be admitted to an Alcohol Education Program or an Ignition Interlock Program as decided upon by the district judge.