With Maryland DUI Laws Second Offense, like with most states, are tougher than first offense laws. Not only do the fines and maximum jail sentences increase, but there also can be minimum mandatory jail sentences upon conviction for a 2nd offense. Under state law, a defendant who is convicted twice may also be required to undergo a substance abuse evaluation and attend follow up treatment for drug or alcohol addiction.

A second DUI offense in Maryland comes with a license suspension of up to one year, a fine of $2,000, mandatory minimum of five days jail time with a maximum of two years, 12 points assessed against a driver’s license, required participation in the ignition interlock device program and mandatory participation in an alcohol abuse assessment program.

What are the consequences?

A 2nd DUI can also have drastic impacts on the defendant’s ability to legally drive. Not only does a conviction carry 12 points, but the Motor Vehicle Administration has the power to conduct a review of a defendant’s driving record and initiate revocation proceedings as well.  Just because a person has been charged with this crime however, does not mean that person will definitely serve jail time, and it does not mean that a person will automatically lose his or her drivers license.  But the stakes are higher with a repeat offender case, and it is recommended that anyone facing this charge seek out a competent and experienced lawyer.

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